Car Removal

If you find out that someone is using your parking lot or your private property to park cars or someone has permanently parked at your property you must look out for ways for car removal from private property. While you may feel tempted to act quickly and remove the car by yourself, this is not the right approach. The occupier may get hostile or react with force against you. Self-help is not the best option in such scenarios. There are other ways through which you can get your parking back and remove the car from your space.

Extra information about car removal from private property

You should start by calling your local police first. If the car is trespassing the local authority may release a citation and towed the car from your property without you having to involve yourself in the matter. This is one of the safest options. If the car owner is not present and his car is towed away from your parking under the police supervision, you are not liable to pay any damages to the car owner if he claims that towing the car has damaged the vehicle.

This option will ensure both your safety and give you the legal cover against any claim from the car owner later. The police will check the records of the car and will try to approach the owner before the vehicle is towed away. If in a situation the owner comes at your doorstep asking about his vehicle you can direct him to the police and let them settle this matter. In this way, you will not have to be a part of any litigation or court process and the car owner and the law enforcement agencies will work out this issue between them with no responsibility or liability on you. 

There are enforcement agencies that are almost as good as the local authority. They will assess the situation and tow the car from your property. However, they will charge for their services and you will have to pay the towing costs as well. The main benefit you get on approaching the enforcement agencies is that these officers react more quickly and work under the provisions and laws of the local area. When you hire them the services include assessing the situation, check the legal parameters, and remove the vehicle all within 24 hours of hiring the services.

Never approach this matter on your own. Firstly moving the car itself is a problem, but you will also be liable for any damages to the vehicle and the car owner may come after you with a lawsuit. You also do not have space where you can move the vehicle to and it is illegal to dump the car any other place. You cannot just leave or park the car somewhere else. So due to these reasons, your best bet is to take this matter to law enforcement or other agencies who will settle the matter for you. If nothing works you may reach for courts and seek assistance to resolve the matter.